Non​-​Traditional Folk Songs

by Trail Magic

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Despite its short (22 minute) play time, Non-Traditional Folk Songs is a true concept album, complete with musical themes and seamless transitions. Each song is part of a single journey as the record attempts to transport the listener through a full range of emotional settings and musical plot points. A two-minute beach party leads directly into a 5-minute, epic instrumental piece featuring piano and strings. A sultry, jazz-laced tune gives way to a percussive island jam.

In a style that is becoming signature, Trail Magic’s Justin Maurer and Taylor Zachry (formerly of Colorfeels) have produced another record (see Colorfeels’ Syzygy) that, in another life, could have easily been the soundtrack to a film. Non-Traditional Folk Songs is unique in that it was meant to be listened to as a whole, from start to finish, but each song stands quite well on its own.


released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Trail Magic Nashville, Tennessee

In the Appalachian wilderness, Trail Magic is the term for a felicitous act of goodwill bestowed upon a weary traveller. After the dissolution of their previous band, Taylor Zachry and Justin Maurer (formerly of Colorfeels) quickly found a shared appreciation for the balance between the purity of the musical experience and a “serious-but-not-too-serious” approach to lyric writing. ... more

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Track Name: Hug Monster
My love isn’t good for everyone
It’s the pain from too much laughter
It’s a loaded pellet gun
My hug just might crush you in its grip
And when I kiss you on the lips
You might hate the taste

The hug monster
Might scare you away

I could try to translate the way I feel
And put the words down in a contract
To help you understand the deal
But I’m aware now of the consequences, see?
I won’t reveal that side of me
Until you sign your name

The hug monster
Sign your life away

Now you’re mine
Just you wait
There comes a time
For changing face
Track Name: This Golden Hour
In the golden hour
As the sun sets
Ooh my body’s glowing
Might my eyes need readjusting?
Natural phenomena unfolding
Puts me in this contemplative state

All of these wonders I see
Woven together so intricately
Colors get brighter, then fade away
As if they had something important to say
And how ‘bout the things that you hear?
All of the sound waves that fall on your ear
Hearken the symphony of the sun
The final movement has just now begun

In this golden hour
There is silence
Ooh my ears are ringing
From the quiet of the moment
Darkness ‘round the corner
Best enjoy it
Soon enough they’ll turn on all the lights
Track Name: Okay In The Afterlife
People come in crowds
And sing real loud
To praise the name
Of the one who knows you well
But you can burn in hell
If you reject this claim

He loves you
He will judge you
He could kill you dead
He could smite you
Or maybe delight you
He knows what’s in your head

Forget about today
It’ll be ok
In the afterlife
Or maybe this is it
It’s all we get
So enjoy the ride

I could never try to explain it
Why do you have to be superstitious?
We may never know where this train will go
Take this moment and do something with it
Track Name: I Could Never Say A Thing To Hurt You
You and me
Maybe we disagree
But that don’t mean
We can’t be family
We might be
Seeing things differently
But I could never say a thing to hurt you

You and me disagree
But I could never say a thing to hurt you
Brother, don’t you know that that’s the truth?

Maybe we disagree
But I could never say a thing to hurt you
Sister, don’t you know that that’s the truth?
Track Name: Losing Confidence
I couldn’t let it go
So I wound up alone
And now the house is sold
And I keep getting old

I used to be fine in my old state of mind
Now I’m lost in the physical world

I could’ve thrown out these ideas long ago
(How’d it come to this? How’d it come to this?)
If I had had more confidence, but I don’t know
(Losing confidence, losing confidence)

I’m feeling sorry for myself
Don’t pay attention to my health
And I’ve got one thing on my mind
Who do I have to blame but me?
With no one there to oversee
I’ve always had to improvise
Track Name: Just A Man
I have wandered miles of road
And the more I see, the more I question what I know
‘Cause in my life, there seem to be
Endless pathways as far as I can see

Don’t listen to a word they say
It isn’t just another day
I travelled all the way across this land
Just so today I could understand
I’ve got to shut my eyes and rest my mind
Try to leave it all behind
My body’s all that I can have
I remind myself, I’m just a man

All you have to do
To witness something much bigger than you
Is lift your chin and then your eyes
To see the planets spiraling the skies

I’m just a man,
Don’t you understand
I’m doing what I can
But, I’m just a man

Just a man man man man man
Just a man man man man man
Just a man man man man man
I’m just a man